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Introducing North East

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Introducing North East

The North East comprises eight states namely, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura and Sikkim. The North East can be described as a true frontier region as it shares it borders with Bhutan, China, Bangladesh and Myanmar and is only connected to India thanks to the Siliguri corridor which is roughly 20-40 km wide.

If there is one thing the North East is known for is its scenic beauty. The eight states have been blessed with great biodiversity, each state is a paradise for traveller’s and is peppered with lush, green hills and picturesque meadows. The diversity is not just spread to plants but also in terms of water bodies with many lakes and waterfalls lending a hand to make this region one of the most beautiful in India. Mountains, hill tops, rivers, hill stations, wildlife sanctuaries, trekking, rafting, boating, cave exploration, there is so much to do in the North Eastern states. The rugged terrain of these states has been a blessing and a bane as the natural beauty of the region still remains intact at the price of urban development when compared to the other states in the country.

Culturally, this region is as rich as any other region of India. More than 220 ethnic groups and an almost equal number of dialects are present in this region and with so many ethnicities, the North East is known to have many festivals where people celebrate in different ways. Although 60-70% of the population are tribal and one should visit these regions to learn more about the people and how they live in a balanced ecosystem. The 8 states also have some beautiful temples, churches, monasteries and mosques.

The North East has something for everyone, ranging from the scenic beauty of the region to cave exploration and hiking for the more adventurous to various religious institutes for the religious.

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