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Organised Tours

Shillong is home to many beautiful villages surrounded by an enchanting environment. Organised tours to some of the most interesting sites are provided with a twofold approach of offering visitors the opportunity to explore the natural beauty of Shillong with tour packages ranging from 1 to 4 days and exploring the families that dot the adjacent areas. This is done in hope that visitors will come away with an appreciation of the lives of the villagers and for the ecological balance of the area.

The lush environment is one of the biggest attractions in the region and thus all tours are conducted responsibly and employs ecologically sound travel efforts so as not to hamper the ecological balance of the region. Events are also organized that are culturally specific to the people of the region.

Admissions for the tours are by prior appointment. For more details please contact the Travel Desk.

Some of the Tours organised are:

  • Temple Tours of Nartiang
  • Visit to a private museum
  • Shillong tour
  • The fossil parks of Mawlina
  • Cherapunji and the root bridges of Mawlinong
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