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An Exclusive Privilege

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An Exclusive Privilege

Let’s just say that at The Habitat Shillong, we are quite house-proud. There is enough reason to be, as our guests come from far and wide, without having any idea of what exactly to expect. So, it is often a guide-cum-mentor’s role that we take up, letting them experience Shillong as it should be – with awe and wonder. Many of our guests are eminent people and celebrated in their own field, so we benefit from the interaction just as much.

Guests at the Habitat Shillong, which is housed within. The initiative fosters a better relationship and understanding of the environmental, educational and socio political issues of the region. So, The Habitat Shillong always encourages a healthy intermingling of ideas and knowledge sharing whenever possible.

Guests have the opportunity to participate in activities which take place throughout the year , where the brightest minds from the region and beyond take part in intriguing discussions and seminars. Therefore, guests at The Habitat enjoy the special privilege of being in elite company, a fact that enriches their memories of Shillong.

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