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Guest Book

We have been fortunate enough to come in association with eminent personalities from different fields during the course of their visit to Shillong. We have been honoured and happy to interact with them, and most of our guests have formed a long-term relationship with us; they come and stay with us whenever possible. Here we have shared snippets from our guest book, words that reflect various aspects of spending time at The Habitat Shillong, the exclusive guest house of Habitat Shillong.


  • “It’s a very inspiring ambience that has been created here. I love the feel of the centre – the lovely people to interact with – am tempted to come back here for a longer time. Sabhya’s aesthetics are quite endearing. I’ve
    interacted with some great minds. It’s an ideal venue for a varied interactive activities that could be intellectually fulfilling.”

    Deepti Naval,Actress, India
  • “A very pleasant stay and friendly staff. Looking forward to come back again”
    S. Sriram,Consultant, World Bank, New Delhi
  • “A very homely place conveniently at the heart of Shillong. The Habitat Shillong is a home away from home. Moreover apart from the aesthetic character of a modern setting the most striking and admirable quality of the lodge is nostalgic environment omitted from the interior design of the building. Would really love to come for a longer stay. A simple suggestion: Room service would be great”
    Purple Fusion,Music band, Nagaland
  • “It’s a great opportunity to visit this centre. It has wonderful idea, with wonderful infrastructure too. I wish it more publicity and wider utilisation. With my best wishes.”
    Barun Mukherjee,MP, Rajya Sabha
  • “Habitat Shillong was one of the nicest experiences during my visit. A very comfortable, lovely place to stay with professional, polite service. I’d love to stay here next time I come to Shillong!”
    Prof Boguslav,Poland
  • “Thank you for introducing me to your ‘world’. One after thought that such ‘ideas’ did not exist and when I saw one today I am knew often that dreams can often be formed to exist in reality, With sincere wishes.”
    Falguni Rajkumar,Chairman IIM, and former member NEC
  • “What an eye opener! Love it. Where hospitality, care and friendship give a special meaning to life.”
    Jayant Kriplani,Actor, Kolkata
  • “It is always a delight to find that an idea that you have light thought about has been developed spectacularly by a group of more serious people. A pleasure. “
    Omair Ahmad,Writer, Delhi
  • “Very nice place. Very cool and quaint. House like peaceful land.”
    Monira Emdad,Craft Council Bangladesh, Dacca
  • “Deeply impressed- the centre radiates a sense of quiet efficacy and tranquility- very gracefully and elegantly designed- did not know such a place existed in my home town- there’s a lot to discuss and work on together
    for the North East & its neighbourhood.”

    Sanjoy Hazarika,Chair for NE Studies, Jamaia Millaia Islamia New Delhi
  • “Magical surprise. Great potential for tremendous achievements.”
    Mrinal Miri,MP, Rajyasabha
  • “I had a very nice time at the Habitat Shillong. The décor is fantastic and the atmosphere is very peaceful. However, the best thing about the place are the staff who were amazing! Always helpful, enthusiastic and willing to go the extra mile.”
    Ozan Revi,British Council, London
  • “Beautiful with great taste, inspiring and excellent service. Feels like home”
    Nicco Francous,European Institute of Asian Studies, Belgium
  • “Thank you for a very pleasant stay. The food is very good and your team of waiters and cooks are excellent. The front and house staff have been very helpful. It is also good to hear about the ASC wider roles and objectives, which it would be useful to explore further with the British Council.”
    John Payne,British Council, Pakistan
  • “It was an unforgettable stay at Habitat Shillong which offered a rich combination of exposure to beauty and elegance, warm hospitality and an incredible intellectual past. We value our interaction last night with the elite of Shillong & Meghalaya. We return home enlightened, educated and empowered! We just loved our stay here. Can’t wait to return!”
    Rajeev Bhatia, DG, Indian Council of World Affairs, and former Ambassador to Myanamar
  • “Thank you The Habitat Shillong for all your help and hospitality. I appreciate it.”
    Soe Myint,Editor, Myanamar
  • “This place is a Convergence of so many things in so many ways – unexpected meetings and connections. It’s a wonderful meeting place – of body, mind and soul. Thank You.”
    Nengcha Louvum,Dean Foreign Services Officers Institute
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