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A way of life called Shillong. An experience called ‘The Habitat Shillong’.

When you come to visit the North East, on vacation or for work, there is a lasting impression of freshness and purity that you carry back with you. Our objective at ‘The Habitat Shillong’, located in the heart of Shillong, is to make that memory a little more special, by offering an authentic flavour of North-East Indian hospitality, with best-in-class facilities.

The Habitat Shillong works as the tourism arm of Parent Organisation, a greater think-tank aimed at building people-to-people bridges between India and the South Asian Countries at a cultural and educational level. The Habitat Shillong Guest House offers cozy accommodation in the heart of the educational district of Shillong, nestled in the backdrop of misty green hills where Nature is at her abundant best.

As part of the Initiative, The Habitat Shillong also gives visitors to the North East a unique perspective of the region, its people, its history, its geography and the promise it holds for the future. All this, while offering state of the art event hosting, hospitality and travel facilities to meet requirements of the discerning traveller.

The Habitat Shillong is not just a place where you spend a few days, it is integral to a complete experience of Shillong, a boutique facility that is in a class of its own. The antique furniture gives every room a special character, enlivened by fresh flowers that are brought in everyday especially to welcome the guest once over again. Its lobbies and lounges offer enough warmth and privacy to spend time as one would like – in company or in solitude. We respect every requirement of the guest, and can thus boast of having created a niche segment in hospitality. We call it ‘The Habitat’.

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